ABS 3D Printer – Mechanical

I started to build a diamond drag engraving machine but ended up with a mechanical assembly that will be used as a 3D printer.

Actuators for Engraver_Printer

Some ballscrew stepper actuators collected off ebay. Since I am interested in engraving, both hand and machine, it made sense to try and build a diamond drag engraver.  This is where a diamond tip is guided over metal to scratch out engraving designs and text.  I wanted to use the engraver to lightly trace designs on metal that I would later hand engrave over.


The CAD for the diamond drag engraver looked like this.  A movable table with a bridge mounted actuator.  Mounted on the bridge actuator was the z axis.

Basic xyz

When it got put together it looked like this.There were some modifications necessary. The actuator that holds the table was originally servo powered.  I don’t know anything about servos so a stepper motor was adapted to fit.


This kludge mount was used to make sure the stepper ran the actuator ok.


The stepper worked so an adapter was designed to fit onto the end of the servo and mount the NEMA 23 stepper.

Servo to stepper adapter
Servo to stepper adapter

The adapter was machined on our newly retro-fitted Excello CNC  mill.


The adapter fit. The stepper still ran ok.  Life is sweet.