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Got a lot of spare and leftover CNC components to sell!   Photos of parts are listed below the descriptions.

80/20 Used Aluminum extrusions

Part number 3030 size 3in x 3 in.   $2 per lb:    $94 for 12 foot.
Part number  1530 size 1.5in x 3 in.   $2 per lb:   $58 for 12 foot
Rough cut extrusions to size:   $2 per lb


80_20 Sections




Power Supplies

38 Volt DC 400 watt power supply :   $75

New Antek toroidal PN PS-4N38
Linear supply
Open Chassis

80 volt DC 800 watt power supply components:   $120
From Centronics CNC controller
Linear supply
Transformer, capacitor, and rectifiers.


38 VDC 400 watt PS

80 VDC 800 watt PS


 CNC 4th axis  and components

DIY Harmonic Drive 4th Axis  : $400
Nema 23 Stepper
200 to one Harmonic gear ratio
250 ft-lb at chuck

Harmonic transmission drives for 4th axis
#25 200 to 1:   $150
#32 260 to 1:   $195


DIY 4th Axis

Harmonic transmissions


Stepper drives

Centent used CN0142 stepper drives:   $55
Tested good
Maris pre Gecko


Centent stepper drive


 CNC machines and components
Techno Isel Davinci 3 axis CNC:   $650
12 inch by 10 inch by 4 inch cutting envelope
Tested good
No control/drive electronics
Built in 24 VDC power supply

DIY Intelligent Actuator 3 axis CNC:   $650
16 inch by 10 inch by adjustable bridge Z axis to 8 inch
Converted to steppers

Single axis actuators:   $75 to $250
Various sizes
Stepper and DC servo
Some new some used

Techno Isel Davinci CNC

Intelligent Actuator CNC

Single axis actuators for CNC

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