Weavers Bench

Weaving Bench

This is an adjustable height weaving bench. The adjustable height is necessary since the bench is used on both sides of the loom and two different heights are needed. It has a box underneath the seat to hold stuff.
The wood is Kentucky coffee bean. It is the most miserable wood to work with that I have run into so far. The light grain is soft and the dark is tough. Impossible to chisel without tearing. But it has a vivid grain and the price was right. I used the leftovers to laminate up into my workbench.

Loom Bench Top

I found two sequential boards in the coffee bean wood and made a book matched seat. This probably explains why I can’t get more than 50% yield on wood for a project. Also why I had enough left to laminate up a workbench

Loom Bench Side

A side view of the bench. If I had to do this again I would make the bottom rail more massive. It is plenty strong enough but visually it is overwhelmed by the seat. The design I copied had a much narrower seat and looked more balanced.

Loom Bench Apart

Two cross bolts and holes drilled at 1 inch intervals make up the height adjustment.