CNC Rotary Engraver Build


Along with hand engraving, I am getting interested in CNC engraving and ways the two methods can compliment each other.  So to further this a CNC rotary   engraver was built.


DaVinci XYZ machine    This ISEL DaVinci  XYZ robot was purchased through a local school auction.  Control software was available for download (free!) and runs in Windows.  It takes in G Code and runs the robot.


Floating head z axisA mount for the engraving motor and a floating spindle was designed.

Motor plateAn adapter plate to attach to the robot to make the engraving modifications modular.


Spindle BracketThis is the mounting block for the high speed floating head engraving spindle.


Floating spindleFloating head engraving spindle mounted in its block.  I got the spindle off ebay after searching for months.


Spindle block on motor plateSpindle mount on adapter plate.


Engraving spindleNew Hermes motor  and spindle mounted on adapter plate.  The New Hermes motor was another ebay purchase.  It only goes to 5,000 rpm which gets the spindle to 12,000 rpm.  I will update this with a better motor in the future as the spindle is capable of 20,000 rpm speeds.


CNC EngraverCompleted CNC engraver ready to test.


Skull artDid some artwork in Inkscape  to give myself an example to engrave.  Inkscape is freeware and has a plugin that generates G Code from the artwork.  This makes things very simple.


Skull and XbonesMy first machine engraving! Some tweaks needed but overall works very well.


Engraved testTried some text next.  This worked very well.


For now the CNC engraver is finished.

………however the control electronics inside the engraver only supports 3 stepper drivers.  I plan on adding a 4th axis to do cylindrical engraving soon.  I will make a 4th axis based on the gunstock carver 4th axis that I just finished only using much smaller components.  I already have the harmonic drive.

$_57bThis rotary actuator has a harmonic drive reducer gear in the aluminum housing and is powered by a AC servo.  I will probably replace the servo with a stepper.

The engraver electronics will be scrapped and replaced by a linear power supply and a Gecko G540 four axis controller.  Coming soon!

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