A Marudai is a type of loom for weaving Japanese ropes, braids, and ribbons.  Kathy wants one for Christmas so I am going to try and make one.  It looks like a lot less work and cost to just buy it but I gotta justify all those woodworking tools.


Base glue upGluing the top


Cutting topCutting the top into a circle


Glued on bossAdding a boss for the lathe chuck


Turning topTurning the top


BaseBase mount


Stock for legsTiger stripe maple for the legs


Initial cut for steady restNotching spindle for steady rest


Turning legsTurning the spindles


Legs half doneHalfway done!


Leg gluingGluing the top


Trial fitGluing the base


Figured TopFigure on top


Finished 2Finished


Finished 1Finished

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