CNC 2 Build Log – In process!

CNC 2 will be a single axis actuator CNC router/mill based on the layout of my Techno ISEL DaVinci XYZ robot.



DaVinci XYZ machineThis is the DaVinci.  Work space is 12 x 10 x4 inches.



a_ISOThis is pretty much what CNC 2 will look like.  A fixed bridge gantry holds the Y axis.  The X is a moving table.  Z is attached to the Y bridge.  Work space will be 16 x 12 x 2 to 8 inches.  The 2 to 8 inches is for the Z axis and results from the adjustable height of the Y bridge.



b_Single Axis ActuatorsThese are the three single axis actuators that will be used instead of unsupported or supported rails. Inside each actuator is a ball screw drive running a table on THK style profile rails.



c_Actuator GutsThis actuator has the cover removed so you can see the profile rails and ball screw.



h_Bottom ISOThis is another view of the CNC 2 3D model.



f_Actuator OrientationThis image shows the space relationship of the 3 single axis actuators.



e_FrameThis frame forms the main structural component of the router.  Once this is built the actuators are just bolted to make the router.



Milling the bridge supportsTrimming the 3×3 inch aluminum extrusions square.



j_Rough_gantry_plateRough cutting the side support.



k_Machining_plateFinish milling the side plates.



Frame partsClamping the frame components in place to check the fit.



Frame_bolted_1 Bolt locations were drilled and then back, bottom,  and side plates were bolted onto the frame.


Frame_bolted_2Front view of bolted frame.



More to come!

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