Wall Cabinet

Wall Cabinet


This wall cabin was made to cover an electrical panel that sticks out of the wall by 2 inches. It was designed and built in the Arts and Crafts Byrdcliffe Arts Colony style. The colony used popular and this was fine with me because I was transitioning from pine to hardwood at this time and popular made it an easy and inexpensive first step.




kitchen_cabinet 051

As you can see when you open the door there is nothing there. When the electrician was upgrading the house from 60 amps to 200 he had to put in a lot bigger box. It turns out that two hot water heat pipes ran on either side of the old small box. The big new box would not fit between the pipes. So the electrician turned to me and said ” Well, what now?” No power, needed the heat on, no plumber available, and the electrician’s clock was running. So he just put it in as far as he could. I’ll fix this when we tear out the 47 year old kitchen. But until then……..


Not the cleverest installation but it will do until renovation time. At least it is better that the huge ugly protruding panel